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Mental Freedom

Is Mental Freedom® for You?

If you can honestly say you love your life, Mental Freedom is probably not for you. It’s not that you don’t face challenges in your life, but when you do,

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Relations with Baby girl and Lady

Stop Lying Now

Even the most well-behaved children tend to lie. Sometimes the lies are about things that don’t really matter, but it can be frustrating when your child continues to lie in

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mental health

Empathy for the Used and Abused

Stormy Daniels has been in the news for testifying against former president Donald Trump, and I am hearing a lot of news commentators, politicians and general people weigh in about

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girl seat on hill
Mental Health

The Mental Health Pendulum Swing

I have been noticing a disturbing trend in Mental Health after having been in the field for the past 40-plus years. When I graduated college in 1982, it was considered

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Choice Theory

Take a Chance Day… or Not

“Take a Chance Day” was on April 20, and it inspired me to consider risk within a Choice Theory basic needs framework. I call Glasser’s five basic needs the need

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Mental Freedom

I am in Control

March 30 is “National I Am in Control Day,” a phrase declared by Alexander Haig following the assassination attempt on President Regan. This day has been commemorated to remind people

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mental freedom
Mental Freedom

Truth Seekers

I often look at the many observances in a month for ideas of what to blog about. For the first time, I noticed two in March that grabbed my attention:

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