Olver International has a subsidiary called InsideOut Press, which is an independent publishing company, helping people publish the book they have in their heads. Kim runs a monthly writers group for authors who want that kind of support and direction and also has publishing professionals to do every aspect of book design, production and publication.

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Victory in the Wait

Victory in the Wait describes how important it is to know how to wait and the impact of not waiting correctly. When we wait, we are communicating with God. We are not always waiting to receive from God, sometimes He has us in a season of wait until our will breaks. Effective waiting symbolizes submission, knowing that God is in control. He may have us waiting to develop our Fruit of the Spirit and to revive us. There are times when we might not feel like praying yet, we are needing or desiring something from God.

“I’ve heard that we all have a book inside of us.” I believe this to be true, but how to get it out of me was my lingering question. I found the answer in InsideOut Press! Their knowledge, genuineness , and support was invaluable. From their guidance in the monthly Writers group meetings to the personal access to the editor, InsideOut Press gives you EVERYTHING you need , desire, and don’t realize you need to assist your book in manifesting intoreality. Your book is waiting to be birthed, and InsideOut Press is the place to deliver! I highly recommend you contact them TODAY! -Sylvester Baugh

From Within: My Path of Hope and Healing from Sexual Abuse

From Within is a riveting biographical work of one woman’s journey as a sexual abuse survivor, who transitioned from the physical and emotional pain and betrayal to a newly found passion to help others going through similar circumstances.

“I was beyond overwhelmed at the thought of even attempting to turn my story turned into a book. I’m so thankful to InsideOut Press for turning my vision into reality. Kim, Denise, and Veronica all were able to make my dream come true! These women are incredibly talented and so amazing, what a pleasure to work with them! Absolutely everything about the book turned out to be more than I could’ve ever dreamed of! The covers, the design and suggestions for the chapters, my website and the author media kit are all incredible!!! Please trust me on this, if you were like me and not quite sure where to go or what to do…InsideOut Press is your answer. My book, “From Within, My Path of Hope and Healing from Sexual Abuse” is now a book other survivors can read and know they deserve to heal and take their power back. I will be forever grateful that I was able to have this wonderful and positive experience with these three terrific women.” – Gigi Kilroe

Fit for Trial: Mental Illness, the Law and Family Loss

Is the defendant fit for trial? This question is answered in many courtrooms by mental health professionals, prosecuting attorneys and judges who believe that a person who is delusional and incoherent, but presents no apparent violent threat, is fit for trial. Those with little to no financial and legal resources watch helplessly as their loved one is shuttled within the penal system.

Nara Mill Granary Cookbook

By Janet Morgan-Whole grain recipes inspired by Nora Mill Granary, a 100+ year-old gristmill nestled in the North Georgia Mountains. Nora Mill specializes in stone-ground corn and wheat flour products that are ground by 1500-pound French Burr Stones powered by the Chattahoochee River. Recipes include grits, pancakes, muffins, cornbreads, biscuits, and many other family favorites. This cookbook is dedicated to family, yours and mine. Feed them wholesome, healthy meals! PURCHASE NOW


By Kate Kade- Two years ago, Cassia Aureas escaped the Order of the Sanguines, an underground assassin agency where she was raised to hate and destroy alongside Cade Silver. A renowned bad boy and the love of her life, Cade just so happens to be her parents twisted murderer. Having settled into normalcy, Cassia has done everything in her power to forget the Order. But when her school is attacked, she is forced to confront the people who took everything from her. Kidnapped by the cruel Head of the Order, Excelsior, Cassia must immerse herself back into the ranks of the Order of Sanguines in order to save the lives of her friends who were also taken to ensure Cassia s submission. Not only must Cassia worry about the survival of her friends, but of the newly recruited trainees, the complications, secrets, and threats of the Order, and the growing supernatural powers inside of her.Edited, Cover & Interior Design by InsideOut Press PURCHASE NOW

Use Your Wings Girl!

By Tiffany M. Fincher-Use Your Wings Girl is a 40-Day Devotional with a goal of fostering growth in the lives of women by defining what it means to USE YOUR WINGS! Every woman should walk in the fullness of what has been destined for her. Each morning as you rise fill your cup with the word of God. Over the course of 40 days may you EXPLODE through self-doubt and fear, trigger personal strengths, and reach your golden potential through scripture and tapping into the power that is already within. PURCHASE NOW


by Tiffany M. Fincher- Grace is a cross-generational book written by thirty-five courageous women between the ages of 29-95 years old. Each contributor writes heartfelt letters to the hurt little girl or young woman they once were. As they reflected on the moments and experiences that changed the trajectory of their lives, it was clear that they would have to face past trauma and dig into wounds that had long been healed. The letters are filled with wisdom and advice they wish they had when they were younger. PURCHASE NOW

Finn the Freckled Fish

by Antionette Reese- Have you ever felt different? Have you or someone you love ever been made fun of or been labeled an outcast? We are often harder on ourselves than others are. Explore how “Finn the Freckled Fish” gains a lifetime of self-esteem from one swim in the pond. Always remember, everyone has something special about them! PURCHASE NOW

Lamont Brown From the Streets

By Lamont Brown- ‘From the Streets…To the Stage’ is an interactive motivational book designed to challenge you to take your Business, Life and Career to the next level! You will be challenged to take action before you finish reading the book. In the beginning, Lamont Brown gives you a snapshot of a heart-wrenching story of a challenge he overcame while he was on the streets of Harvey (a suburb of Chicago). After completing the book, you will have a clear map of success for your business, life, and career! PURCHASE NOW

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