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Are you seeking a transformative path to personal growth and empowerment? Look no further than our Mental Freedom® programs. Whether you’re a potential coaching client, a student at the Academy of Choice, or a coach seeking continuing education, we have tailored programs to suit your needs.

Mental Freedom® is more than just a program—it’s a journey towards self-liberation and empowerment. By mastering six key concepts, you’ll gain the tools to tackle any challenge life throws your way. Say goodbye to the victim mentality and embrace a life free from self-created misery.

Our program delves deep into essential concepts such as responsibility and response-ability, unconditional trust, rewriting internal narratives, decoding emotional and physical cues, and uncovering the gifts in painful situations.

Whether you’re navigating personal challenges or guiding clients through theirs, Mental Freedom® equips you with the skills to manage adversity and thrive. Our programs are designed to meet you where you are on your journey, whether you’re new to coaching or seeking advanced training.

Not sure which program is right for you? Book a complimentary Mental Freedom®  online strategy session today. Take the first step towards unlocking your full potential and experiencing true freedom of choice.

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At Olver International, when you are looking for personal or business coaching, you can:

Our coaches operate from a foundation of Choice Theory, which means:


Olver International has many coaching options for you. Kim is the board certified lead coach who has been coaching since 2004. She is also a licensed clinical counselor with over 30 years of experience in the field. Certified Choice Coaches are other people, hired by Olver International, who have been certified by the Academy of Choice, a subsidiary of Olver International. They have their own areas of expertise, but all operate with a foundation of Choice Theory psychology. Olver International also has a coaching program and in order to become a board certified coach, students need to complete 30 hours of coaching before applying for the BCC credential. You may sign up to be a client of those coaches for free. These coaches have completed their coursework to become a coach but just need some practice sessions.

Mental Freedom®

Mental Freedom® is a special psychoeducational brand of coaching
that helps clients take responsibility for what is theirs, while letting
go of what is not, learn to trust everyone for one special thing and
change the damaging stories in their head. Clients then develop the
skills to pay attention to the early painful signals from their bodies
and emotions. And later, to transform that pain into something
neutral, and maybe even positive, by finding the GLOW in every
situation. All of this is accomplished in six sessions. Learn to open
your heart, free your mind and transform your life.

Olver International offers a DIY course in Mental Freedom coaching you can take at your own pace, a six-session (every other week) group coaching program to explore the concepts with a group or six
weekly individual sessions to have private, individual attention
while applying the concepts to your own life.

Pay it Forward Scholarship for Mental Freedom®

I am fully committed to bringing Mental Freedom® to anyone who wants it. I am donating one scholarship for someone who is passionate about learning Mental Freedom® Techniques in their lives for every group coaching cohort we run. Applying is easy; simply fill out our application.

“I would highly recommend Mental Freedom® coaching in groups or as couples or individuals. It was very helpful to me and allowed me to reframe a lot of things that have happened in my life and that are occurring now to feel better about them. It is life changing!”— Conry Davidson

Academy of choice


A Board Certified Coaching Program.

Our coaching process helps people stop creating their own misery by demolishing the victim mentality and empowering clients to reach their goals while creating the meaningful relationship in their lives that will support and encourage them along the way. Everyone knows the only person’s behavior they can control is their own, and yet, they spend most of their day trying to control everyone else. Choice Coaching teaches coaches how to help their clients become bigger than anything that happens to them.


The Academy of Choice offers supervision to counselors and coaches. If you are an LPC who needs supervision to qualify for your LCPC, we can help. Kim Olver is an LCPC who does supervision with counselors interested in exploring treating clients without dependence upon the medical model for medication and diagnosing disease. Kim will support you relationship coach online free in using the principles of Dr. Glasser’s Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and her own, proprietary method called, Mental Freedom coaching online when you are truly ready to help your clients stop being victims and, take control of their life and begin to live from within. Please check the rules of your state to be sure you can have a supervisor who doesn’t work at your place of employment and may be out-of-state. Academy of Choice Also offers supervision to coaches. While there is no law requiring supervision, you may want to run some cases by someone with more experience.

Individual supervision is billed at $150/hour.

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