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Choice Theory® & Reality Therapy®

Choice Theory® is actually an explanation of all human behavior developed by Dr. William Glasser.

Choice Theory® pretty much rids us of the idea that people are “misbehaving.” All anyone is doing is their best attempt to get something they want. Of course, in the process, they may break laws, disregard rules and hurt others but those are really side effects of doing the best they know how to get their needs met. We are all doing our best—some of us simply have better tools, resources and behaviors at our disposal than others.

If we embrace Choice Theory®, then our function should be more to educate and help others self-evaluate the effectiveness of their own behavior. Know that often they will continue to do things exactly as they have because it’s familiar and/or because what they are doing really is getting them something they want. It is not our job to stop them, nor is it our job to rescue them from the consequences of their own behavior.

It is hard to tell where Choice Theory ends and I begin. Choice Theory is no longer something I teach, a tool for my toolbox or something I do. It has become my toolbox and is essentially who I am. - Kim Olver

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