Goals for 2024

I love the start of a new year full of nothing but possibilities. If you’re like me and have a routine system for setting your annual goals at the beginning of the year, I bet you’re excited to dive into the possibilities of 2024. Planning out my year and listing my goals gives me a thrill—along with an added layer of accountability.

Here’s how 2023 stacked up:

Accomplishments: I accomplished my goal for learning by taking the ethics course I needed to maintain my counseling license. I completed the research I wanted to do for Mental Freedom®. I finished Mental Freedom, the book. I accomplished my reading goal of two books a month. I had six international speaking engagements. I traveled to Singapore and Malaysia where I trained people in Glasser’s Choice Theory® psychology. I spoke in Croatia, St. Louis, and on Zoom for federal coaches about Mental Freedom, and I did a presentation on Secrets of Happy Couples for William Glasser International on Zoom. I finished the afghan I crocheted for my oldest granddaughter (though I still need to put the border on it).

Rollovers: I was not successful in reaching my fitness goal of releasing 14 pounds, so I am prioritizing that for 2024. I have not yet sold my house in Pennsylvania; my contractor has had some health problems so I’m hoping to have it ready in the spring. (Anyone want a nice, smaller home in the Poconos?) I didn’t get to a new Kimberly location in 2023, but I might make Kimberly, OR, in 2024. I did so much more with Mental Freedom than expected in 2023, so I didn’t get around to becoming the CCE provider for the Board Certified Coach program, but I will do that in 2024.

Deletions: I am no longer concerned with monetizing my podcast. If it happens, great! If it doesn’t, that’s OK, too.

Unplanned Happenings: It wasn’t exactly unplanned, but I didn’t have this as one of my 2023 goals: I relinquished my role as executive director of William Glasser International so I could devote more time to developing Mental Freedom. I took 43 people through the Mental Freedom Experience, with 14 going on for certification and another 17 eligible for certification in 2024. I created a curriculum and developed the certification program. I received the trademark for Mental Freedom and founded an LLC of the same name. I contracted an attorney and now have licensing agreements, and I am very happy with how things are developing.

Self-Evaluation: I am quite satisfied with my progress. The area I want to do better in is health. I have been blessed with excellent health, so that makes it challenging to work on because there are so many other things I want to do instead, but I’m deciding to prioritize this in 2024.

Here are my new goals for 2024:

  1. My learning goal is to complete my trauma training to maintain my credential this year.
  2. I will visit one more Kimberly in 2024, likely Kimberly, OR.
  3. I will sell my house in Pennsylvania, provided my contractor finishes the work.
  4. I will complete my 2024 application as a CCE BCC provider.
  5. I will complete the afghan for my oldest grandson, Zavier.
  6. I am open to exploring an intimate relationship.
  7. I will speak at six conferences this year, with at least two being out of the country.
  8. I plan to get to France in 2024.
  9. I will effortlessly release 24 pounds in 2024 while maintaining excellent health.
  10. I will take all eight of my grandchildren on a special day of their making for their birthdays.
  11. I will invest in three new applications of Mental Freedom with my team.
  12. I will publish Mental Freedom and influence 2,000,000 to relinquish their self-created misery with its ideas.

I like the number 12 for my annual goals. That makes one a month on average, even though most of them will be occurring all year. I also am flexible, knowing new things may come up that take priority over what I’m planning, but making forward movement is my commitment. Will you help hold me accountable?

What is one of your goals for 2024?

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