Your Relationship with Self

The most important relationships you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. This determines your self-esteem, your passions, your ability to go after what you want and your ability to connect with other people.

Do you like the person you are? Do you find yourself often criticizing yourself in your head? Have you been diagnosed or do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Do you have unexplained aches and pains in your head, back or joints? When you set goals for yourself, do you hear a little (or a big) voice in your head telling you, “Who do you think you are? You’re never gonna do that!”? Do you set goals, do well for about a month and then fail to make any progress? Do you engage in self-descructive habits such as smoking, overeating, binge drinking, gambling, promiscuous sex, over working etc.? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may be having challenges within your relationship with self.

We will teach you the revolutionary process of InsideOut Empowerment, so you can learn and practice where to place your focus. Too often we create our own misery because we put our energy into trying to change circumstances that can’t be changed. We wish our past was different, we worry about our future and when we are present in the moment, we are trying to change the important people in our lives to be just the way we want them to be.

InsdieOut Empowerment will help you take a look at what you want. Then we’ll look at your progress thus far. If you haven’t been making the progress you want, then we will assess what exactly is getting in the way. We will help you undercover and change the subconscious sabotoge in which you engage.

Once you understand the self-sabotage, we will help you develop a plan to address the sabotage so you can be more successful at what you want to do.InsideOut Empowerment will help you get in touch with what’s inside you and then, make whatever adjustments are necessary to move you toward your desires.

Your past has definitely contributed to who you are today but it does not define you. You don’t have to be a victim. You can take control of your life and become bigger than anything that happens to you.

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