Women–Top Ten List of what NOT to do in Relationships Continued

Today, I am going to finish up the second half of the women’s Top Ten List of what NOT to do in Relationships:

6. Scold your partner as if he were a child.
7. Use sex as a prize for “good” behavior or the withholding of sex as punishment for “bad” behavior.
8. Compare him to a fictional character in a book, movie or soap drama and find him lacking.
9.Violate his privacy.
10. Try to change him. Appreciate the man he is right now.

is so much to learn about satisfying relationships that your parents
never showed you. Please don’t become one of the statistics of divorce
or perhaps worse, stay in a miserable relationship to honor your
marriage vows while having so many regrets about your life as the time
ticks away.

charge and take control of your life. Learn some new ways to improve
the relationship you are already in or to prepare yourself for being a
better, improved partner for the next person in your life. 

Give these new five behaviors a rest and see what happens. If you need
some help to stay on track, enlist the help of a friend who is
attempting the do the same things, an accountability partner, if you
will. Hire a coach. Create a mastermind group. Just take the time to
get the support you need to stay on track even when things get
difficult. Let me know how it goes.

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