What’s Great about Your Day

This blog has multiple purposes but one of the main ones is to help people take control of their lives by putting their time and energy into the things they have power to control and/or influence instead of trying to control everyone else in their lives. A side benefit of doing this actually helps us move closer to the people we want and need in our lives.

One aspect of doing this is learning to reprogram your brain to notice those things in your life that are great instead of the ones that aren’t – hence my typical Facebook question, “What’s great about your day?”

There are many days I experience challenges in my life but writing that Facebook post helps me stay positive by searching for the things that are going right. For example, today I have a plumbing problem at my house, I found out I owe the IRS more money than I thought, and someone hit my car while in the parking lot. That could make for a pretty bad day but I realize I have the ability to deal with all of these little inconveniences so I put my focus on things that are awesome today.

The weather in Chicago has been amazing.  It was almost 80 degrees and it’s mid-October! I got to spend the day with my wonderful sister-in-law who is visiting me, and I saw a great movie. This is enough to balance out the negativity. So, no matter what else is going on in your life, what’s great about your day?

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