Weight Loss Tip

I believe that anytime we make an attempt to change our
current habitual behavior, we must scrutinize that behavior and
all the benefit we get out of doing things the way we have been doing
them. This means looking at our five basic needs and figuring out which
one(s) is/are the one(s) currently being satisfied. If you are a binge
eater, you may be meeting your need for freedom. If you often eat out
socially, your issue may be more about your love & belonging need.
Some people eat to gain control over their emotions. When they are
angry, they can chew their way through a bag of potato chips instead of
lashing out at someone important to them. This may meet their need for
power. Sometimes, we eat simply because it’s fun. And finally, sometimes
we eat for comfort which would be meeting our need for survival.

No matter which need(s) are currently being met,
whenever you engage your weight loss plan to change your present behavior, you will
be frustrating that need by making any changes. What I know for sure is
that your desire to meet that need will not go away—in fact, it will
most likely grow stronger because you are denying yourself its
satisfaction. So, in order to increase the odds that you will be
successful at losing weight, you must build alternative ways to get
your important needs met into your plan. For example, if freedom is
your need, then what can you do instead that helps you feel free but
won’t interfere with your weight loss goals? Maybe you can ride a bike,
buy something new or take a bubble bath. Consider alternative behaviors
for each of the needs that are currently satisfied by the behavior you
are attempting to change.

Let me know if you have any questions about how to do this. Also be sure to post any successes you’ve had using these substitutions.

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