Professional Jealousy-Weathering the Storm


Have you ever encountered people in your life who were genuinely happy for your success? Having those people around foster a positive environment that benefits everyone.  It becomes easier to […]

Coaches as Hope Warriors

Coaches are Hope Warriors

As coaches, it is our job to show our clients that there is hope. When they’re feeling like they’re ‘broken,’ we show them that their pain is temporary, that there […]

Jealousy, Its Causes and What to Do about It

Jealousy is one of the things that can cause major rifts in a relationship. In my book, Secrets of Happy Couples, I call it the Relationship Killer. Are you the one in the relationship that tends to get jealous? Is your partner jealous of you? Do you both display jealousy at different points in your relationship? Would you like to understand it better and know what to do?

Relationships A – Z (Part Two)

This post continues my list of Relationships A – Z from J to Q. Enjoy the read but more importantly, put these ideas into practice in your relationship if you aren’t already.