Seven Keys to Happiness #1

by Kim Olver

This post, along with the next six posts, summarizes much of what I’ve learned thus
far on my journey to self-discovery and positive growth. Along the way,
through many of life’s ups and downs, with the help of many awesome
teachers and mentors, I now most often live in a state of happiness and
contentment. I still have lots to learn but I wanted to share with you
what I’ve found most helpful thus far. I truly believe that all people
have the capacity to choose their mental attitude. Therefore, if
happiness is what you desire, then you must choose it.

I have determined there are Seven Keys to Happiness and I’ll post a new one in my next seven posts.

1. Self-Worth

it, happiness will always be just beyond your grasp. Self-worth is, of
course, something that can be measured along a continuum. It isn’t like
you either have it or you don’t. You can possess varying degrees and
those degrees can themselves vary depending on the circumstances of
your life.

Generally, the person who is
happiest has a healthy amount of self-worth without an inflated view of
their own self-importance. This is the fine line that must be walked
between confidence and arrogance.

Confidence implies a certain sense of surety while recognizing that
each of us is just a different cog in a very big wheel. No one person
is any more important than anyone else. Those with high self-worth know
their life’s purpose. They are in tune with what their mission is and
proceed to make it their life’s work. They also recognize the value of
everyone else with whom they share space.

Those who are arrogant recognize their own self-worth but then proceed
to look down upon those they deem as unworthy. Then at the other end of
the continuum, there are those who recognize the importance of others
but don’t believe they are worthy to breathe air.

A healthy balance of self-worth is the key.


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