Seven Keys of Happiness #6

By Kim Olver

The first five Keys of Happiness are self-worth, gratitude, positive
life framing, internal locus of control, and lifelong learning. The
sixth key is:

6. Love

I am not talking about having a
significant other in your life who loves you. I’m talking about having
love inside of you that is just bursting out of you to touch others.
Unconditional love is a concept we all strive for—unfortunately, most
of us are looking to receive it rather than give it. You are truly
fortunate and blessed when you have the unconditional love of
someone—whether it’s your life partner, your mother, father, aunt,
uncle, grandmother, grandfather, foster parent, friend or puppy!

Truly unconditional love is rare and a gift to be cherished. However,
ask yourself the question, how many times have you extended
unconditional love? Do you have unconditional love for your fellow
human beings? This is the kind of love that will lead to happiness. It
doesn’t matter if that special someone doesn’t love you back, it’s
what’s in YOUR heart that matters. Are you someone who only loves as
much as you feel you are being loved in returned? That certainly isn’t
unconditional! If you are seeking love in your life, then you must be
loving in order to attract the love you seek. This will lead to the
ultimate happiness—loving, expecting nothing in return. Try it. Let me know what happens.

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In my next post, I’ll talk about the last Key: Contribution.

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