Relationship Stages

When it comes to relationships, I believe there are
four stages one must go through. First is the “Alone Stage.” This is
where you realize it’s better to be alone than with the “wrong” person.
This is the stage where you learn to be all right with being alone.
Alone doesn’t automatically equate with lonely. You do some
introspection, correct some inconsistencies and prepare for meeting the
next teacher (your next relationship) in your life.

The next stage is
the “Getting Together Stage.” This has to do with how and where you
meet potential partners. This is the stage where online dating services
and social networking sites are making their fortune.

The next stage is the “Compatibility Stage”
This is the getting to know you phase where you are determining if a
committed relationship is the next step to take with this person. Do
you have enough in common to actually make this relationship last?

finally, the stage not too many people discuss is the “Maintenance
Stage.” I believe that the “Getting Together” and the “Compatibility
Stages” are relatively easy. However, that’s where many people stop.
They figure they’ve “won” the prize and now they can relax. Wrong!

“Maintenance Stage” is actually the most important. It’s what you do to
keep the relationship exciting, fresh and loving. How do you hold your
partner’s attention? How do you continue to make your partner know he
or she is special? Relationships don’t just run on autopilot. Check out
our coaching packages. if you want some help with the “Maintenance
Stage.” What’s a satisfying relationship worth to you? How long are you
willing to continue with things the way they are now? Do you believe
there is a better way? Call 708-957-6047 to set up your appointment for a free 20-minute coaching session now. There is nothing to lose except possibly the disappointment of an
unsatisfying relationship.

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