Relationship Q & A

Q: Kim,
I am in a 2½-year relationship with a woman and I really like how often
and in what ways she shows me affection. Do you think it will last over

A: I
wish I had a crystal ball to be able to answer your question
unequivocally. Unfortunately, I know that the passion cools in many
long-term relationships but I don’t believe it has to. When two people
are in a committed relationship, affection and intimacy erode away so
slowly, often neither person is even aware of when and how it began.
Men complain about their woman losing interest in sex; women complain
about their men taking them for granted. My advice is to never stop the
romance. Continue to make your lady feel special and her affection will
never wane. My advice to all the women out there who complain their men
take them for granted, don’t punish your partner by withdrawing sex or
your enthusiastic participation in it. Romance is the language of
females; sex is the language of males. If you want your partner to know
how much you care, then speak their language.

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