Realty Therapy Workshops

I do not talk a lot about Reality Therapy and Choice
Theory in my material but everything I write and many of my workshop
topics are based on the revolutionary work of Dr. William Glasser. I
am an approved instructor through his institute and hold several weeks
of training throughout the year in these ideas. Don’t be put off by the
name, Reality Therapy. This workshop is not just for counselors.
Reality Therapy is a problem solving method and that can be used across
the board. It will help you become better at solving your own problems
as well as helping others to solve theirs. Reality Therapy helped me
become a better counselor, educator, supervisor, wife, mother, friend and all
around person.

Choice Theory is the
basis for understanding all human behavior. If you ever wondered why
your child, your life partner, your boss and anyone else does the
things they do, then Choice Theory will help you understand. Once you
have that solid understanding, then you can make better decisions about
how to respond in ways that will benefit you.

entire work is dedicated to helping people unleash their personal power
by learning to distinguish between things they can control and things
they can’t. I then help them focus their incredible energy on those
things they can change, with phenomenal results in the areas of
empowerment and greater life and relationship satisfaction. If this
sounds like something you would like to learn, please join us for one
of our workshops in the Chicago area or if you can get at least 12
people together, I would come to you wherever you are.

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