Quote: Susan Jeffers

“The more love we project, the more loving people
we will attract. Guess what we attract when we project neediness,
judgment, or any of those other love-destroying qualities?”

                             –Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

This quote seems to punctuate my point in the post that we must
become the person we need to be in order to attract into our lives that
special someone we have been dreaming of. During our alone time or time
between relationships, we need to take stock of exactly who we are and
determine if we have what it takes to attract and then, to maintain the
relationship we are craving.

Sometime when you are between relationships, you can really be grieving the loss. If you want to learn how to Prepare to Love Again, check out our Home Study Course. It might be just what you need to heal yourself and move forward.

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