Managing Anger/De-Escalation Skills

Are you someone who often has to manage the angry
behavior of others—either at work or at home? Do you have your own
anger management issues? Do those close to you have difficulty because
of how you sometimes respond to them? Then this eCourse can help! In
this course, you will receive 10 weekly lessons delivered right to your
email inbox each week. You will learn about the origin and purpose of
anger. You will learn techniques to reduce your own anger and get
closer to the important people in your life. You will learn questions
to ask yourself to determine your readiness to intervene with an angry
person and you will learn incredibly effective de-escalation techniques
for taking the wind out an angry person’s sails. Each week will have
exercises for you to do to increase your understanding of the material
and you will be provided with email support with me once per week
between lessons to ask any questions or make any comments you like
regarding the material. Please don’t waste one more day! Act now—you
won’t be sorry.

Check out our De-Escalation eCourse.

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