Love and Trust

Today, I spoke with two women who experienced major trust violations in their respective relationships. One was in a two-year exclusive dating relationship and the other was in a 30-year marriage. And the issues are similar. Both relationships have ended.

Each woman was seriously disappointed by her man. Each went through the expected period of anger and then depression. But later, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, they both triumph. What does triumph look like in a situation like this?

Triumph is getting to a place where you no longer want revenge on the other person and you no longer long for them to come back to you. You have analyzed the relationship for all the life lessons there are to glean from it, thanked the Universe for the opportunity and recognize that a partner's breech of trust does not diminish you in any way. You are still you! You haven't let the situation turn you into a bitter, angry, non-trusting person. You haven't given your power away to the other person in the relationship by allowing him or her to "cause" you to feel less than.

Pick yourself up, live and learn, and get ready to move on. Life is too important to spend it angry at another or feeling sorry for yourself. There is more in store for you!

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