Letting Go of Past Relationships

After I had written an article on “Starting Over,” something was
brought to my attention to make me realize that I had forgotten a
critical point in a person’s attempts to start over. Before anyone can
even begin to think about starting over, he or she must first let go of
their previous relationship.

So many times, people attempt to start
over while still clinging to the hope that their prior partner will
come to his or her senses and want to resume their relationship. As
long as a person is harboring those kinds of feelings, it is incredibly
difficult to start over.

If starting over is what you sincerely desire, then in your heart and in your mind, you must
let go of your past love. This can be done with great generosity of
spirit and does not have to involve ill feelings of any kind.

You must realize that the relationship is over. Your previous partner has
opted out of the relationship. The likelihood that s/he will be back is
slim. Decide to cherish the time you did have together, learn whatever
lesson it was you were supposed to learn and say a permanent goodbye to
the couple part of your relationship.

Grieve the loss if you must but
let go of your prior relationship so that you give yourself a
reasonable chance of successfully starting over.

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  1. Mastering the art of letting go is very difficult as you are still bounded with the pain and heartaches in your heart. Patching things up to get your ex back is not a good idea because you will just be the one to suffer all the consequences that will happen in the future. Relationships are like broken glass, it is better to left them broken than trying to fix it and get hurt.
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