Lessons from 2016

As I reflect on 2016, I wanted to record some of the things I have learned. (Thank you Crystal Alston for the idea.) My last post was about “Relax, Reflect, Rejuvenate, Renovate, Remind.” Yesterday, I began a scheduled meditation practice for 2017. Today, I did some reflection on 2016 and future posts will talk about Rejuvenate, Renovate and Remind.

  1. I like the person I am.
  2. Taking care of myself is not selfish. It’s a gift I give to those I love.
  3. Sometimes it’s necessary to let go of relationships that no longer serve me.
  4. There is nothing I need to feel happy. Happiness is inside me, available always.
  5. When I get clear about what I want, what I want finds me.
  6. Time does not exist but now does.
  7. I have abundant love in my life in various forms.
  8. Grandchildren are God’s way of providing opportunities to give and receive unconditional love.
  9. Curiosity is the opposite of a closed mind.
  10. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels, except dark chocolate mousse.

What did you learn in 2016?


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