How The Science Of Broken Heart Syndrome Can Help You Survive Your Worst Breakup

5 steps to rule your emotions — rather than let your emotions rule you.

In doing my research for this article, I found several articles discussing how there really is a thing called “Broken Heart Syndrome” that can be identified in scans of the heart.

People complaining of a ‘broken heart’ experience symptoms similar to a heart attack, complete with the pain and distress. While they are not the associated arterial blockages normally associated with heart attack, the heart becomes misshapen causing interference with its optimal functioning.

Cortisol levels increase while norepinephrine levels drop, creating a serious stress response.

Researchers found that the same area of the brain is triggered by emotional pain as physical pain and that the experience is comparable to an addict going through withdrawal. After all, love has been shown to increase the hormone, oxytocin, the ‘feel good’ hormone. Suddenly deprived of these levels following the loss of relationship would predictably result in symptoms of withdrawal.

So yes, science has discovered that Broken Heart Syndrome really is legitimate ‘thing’.

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