My coach recently posed an excellent question to me that has help me look at things a bit differently. Many of us understand the value of gratitude and attempt to practice it in our lives. I know I do and I recommend it as a vaccine against depression. But I have never taken it to this level before. The question is: “What do you think would happen if everything you forget to be grateful for is taken away”? Can you even imagine? When I began to think about that I realized I wouldn’t have my computer, stove, hairdryer, water, house plants, paper, writing implements, telephone, filing cabinets, a desk, a briefcase, pillows, blinds, etc. I could write a doctoral dissertation about all the things I would lose. I am working better on remembering to be thankful for not just the big things, but the little ones as well. I know there are people in the world who don’t have anywhere near what I do and I need to be grateful for all of it. I am also learning to be grateful for the struggles and the failures as they are the fuel that propels me forward. Struggles and failures do not present themselves so we will quit, although many do. Struggles and failures in our life are there so we can learn, grow, succeed and gain empathy for others. Try living a life without struggle or failure. It might be a safe one, but it won’t be a worthwhile one.

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