Goals for 2023

If you have a system for how you set your annual goals at the beginning of the year, I bet you’re excited about the possibilities for 2023. It’s true for me: Being able to plan out my year and list my goals gives me a thrill, along with an added layer of responsibility.

I learned a lot from last year’s goal-setting—mainly that I completely overestimate what I can accomplish in one year! I had so many things on my list, it was rather unrealistic that I would accomplish what I had imagined.

What did I do in 2022? I participated in a wonderful program hosted by Marci Shimoff called Your Year of Miracles. I am so glad I did. Not only did I learn so much, I also made connections with many spiritual people doing big things in the world before spending much of the year in their company. It was excellent and satisfied my 2022 learning goal.

I made a trip to Japan when the country was only open for business visas. William Glasser International had a convention there, and I spoke about Choice Theory and Trauma. It was a wonderful trip full of beauty, including friendly, competent people and amazing hospitality.

I survived a cardiac situation that could have ended me. In June, it was discovered that my LAD artery, otherwise known as the widow maker, was 98% blocked. The doctor said most people don’t survive that because they have massive heart attacks. I was one of the fortunate ones who had some mild symptoms, causing me to seek medical attention. After they put a stent in the artery, I’m good to go and extremely grateful!

I made it to Cabo in January to write my book on Mental Freedom, and in October, I took a cruise to the Bahamas with my assistant, Denise, to make plans for the business. I saw many theatre productions in 2022. I set my sights on visiting Kimberly, ID, and I made it there this summer.

What goals didn’t I achieve? I didn’t reach my fitness goal of one mile a day, but while on the cruise, I climbed the stairs everywhere I went. I wanted to launch my Mental Freedom program but chose to postpone it one more year, because my work with William Glasser International won’t be finished until 2023. I had hoped to travel for four international speaking engagements, but I had three: two were through Zoom, one in Bahrain and one for the Glasser global community, and the other was in Japan. I intended to travel to Kimberly, ID, and I did. (Fourteen more Kimberlys to visit!) I did not do anything toward marketing my parenting and anger management curriculum for court-mandated clients, and I’m okay with that. I wanted to train 65 new coaches at the Academy of Choice but managed to have just one person complete the online program. I am choosing to celebrate that win. I did not create those new continuing education programs for the Academy of Choice that I intended to, but that’s okay, too. I wanted to have 10 new authors in our Writers Group and publish six new books. We had five people in Writers Group and published four new books from those authors: Victory in the Wait; Remember, I Love You; From Within; and Fit for Trial. I’m happy about that! I wanted to monetize my podcast in 2022. I didn’t, but I think that is going to happen in 2023. And finally, I wanted to sell my house in PA. That didn’t happen, but I did make a ton of progress toward it and am looking to sell in the spring.

Evaluation: The only person who can judge whether I’ve had a successful year is me. You may have an opinion about it, and that’s fine, but your opinion about my progress is none of my business. I feel a little disappointed I didn’t get everything done, but I also realize that I had set a lot of goals for myself, and I’m happy with what did get accomplished.

With that new realization in mind, here are my goals for 2023:

  1. I will complete the research I have planned for Mental Freedom to move it in the direction of evidence-based practice.
  2. I will complete my book on Mental Freedom.
  3. For my 2023 learning goal, I will take the ethics course that I need for my Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor license.
  4. For fitness, I will release 14 pounds that I no longer need.
  5. I will read two books a month for a total of 24 in 2023.
  6. I will visit one more Kimberly in 2023.
  7. I will have six international speaking opportunities, either in person or on Zoom.
  8. I will monetize my podcast.
  9. I will sell my house in PA.
  10. I will complete my 2023 application as a CCE BCC provider.
  11. I will complete a temperature afghan for my oldest granddaughter this year.
  12. I will take all eight of my grandchildren on a special day of their making for their birthdays.

I think a dozen goals is enough. Will you hold me accountable? What is one of your goals for 2023?

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