Coaching Training Program for Helping Professionals

Are you a licensed helping professional who wants to add coaching to your list or services? Perhaps you have been coaching for some time now but find the field is becoming somewhat regualted and you want to get certified from an approved coaching program. Maybe you want to learn our revolutionary InsideOut process for coaching. The Academy of Choice is definitely for you!

The Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) is in the process of approving applications for already existing coaching programs. The Academy of Choice applied to be an approved provider through CCE. In anticipation of receiving that approval, the Academy of Choice is offering its 30-hour coach program for counselors May 4-6, 2012 in Chicago's South Suburbs.

Most coach training is provided through distance learning and we recognize the conveience in that so you can enroll in our distance learning program at any time. However, we also recognize the value of in-person training so we provide 24 hours of in-person training over a weekend with coaches finishing up the remaining six hours as distance learning.

Here is what you can expect when you attend the Academy of Choice:

  1. Create an informed consent form.
  2. Discuss the differences between counseling, coaching, and consulting.
  3. Cretae a list of essential coaching behaviors.
  4. Review the BCC Code of Ethics.
  5. List the five basic human needs.
  6. Assess need strengths in practice clients.
  7. List the elements of the InsideOut Coaching model.
  8. Practice using InsideOut's Powerful Questions techniques.
  9. Role play using the InsideOut process.
  10. Distinguish between destructive and healthy relationship habits.
  11. Assess when you are working harder than your client.
  12. List the elements of an effective plan.
  13. Problem solve when a client isn't making progress toward his or her stated goals.
  14. Explain organizational roles and culture.
  15. Discuss the three conditions of quality.
  16. Practice systemic, rather than individual, solutions in management.
  17. Teach the InsideOut Process as a mentoring model.
  18. Explain the solving circle.
  19. Practice win/win solutions in conflict management.
  20. Discuss coaching business practices–creating website, newletter, niche, product funnel, SEO, article writing, etc.

Then in the following distance learning piece, you will:

  1. Create your own personalized coaching forms.
  2. Develop your budget for your coaching business.
  3. Define your niche.
  4. Develop a business plan.
  5. Complete a thorough self-assessment.
  6. Create your own plan for improvement with a partner.

If this sounds like an experience that would interest you, then please check us out at the Academy of Choice. Watch for our future programs for already practicing coaches and people who want to become coaches. We will also offer CE classes for coaches and coaching services for coaching. Watch for the announcements of these upcoming exciting programs.



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