Book Review: Weight Loss

When Food Is Love: Exploring the Relationship Between Eating and Intimacy
by Geneen Roth

This is an excellent book for people who believe their
eating issues may spring from trauma they experienced during their
childhood. Ms. Roth discloses some of her own personal struggles from
her childhood with an abusive mother and her subsequent trouble with
intimacy. Her focus on needing to relive childhood traumas in order to
move beyond them is contrary to my thinking but I do believe it is
helpful to understand what is motivating a person’s behavior so that
when he or she attempts to do battle with that behavior and make
changes, his or her plans will be in line with effectively replacing
the important things that the person will be giving up by making the
changes. Ms. Roth discusses how people often substitute food for love
in their lives. She talks about how hard it is to enjoy the good things
without trying to sabotage them.

The book is a very good read, in fact, it reads more
like a novel than a self-help book. For those who can relate to early
childhood abuse, this book will resonate with you. For those of you who
don’t have that in your background, you may receive value anyway from
experiencing Ms. Roth’s honest and poignant account of her life,
struggles and ability to overcome and help others do the same. This
book will help you learn other ways to comfort yourself that don’t
include food.

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