Book Review: The Courage to Love Again

The Courage to Love Again
by Sheila Ellison

Ms. Ellison wrote a book for women who are trying to
get back into the relationship game after a divorce. Having gone
through it herself, Ellison provides a unique perspective on just how
devastating a divorce can be to a woman’s self-esteem and how dating
again really is a process.

I liked that she divided her book into two parts and
spoke of the inner work that must be done first, and then she addresses
the issues involved in starting over. She is a big advocate of getting
really clear on what you want and no longer catering solely to the man
in your life. Treat yourself and your needs as at least as important as
your man’s.

She believes in making and constantly adjusting a list
of what you want in a partner, as well as those things you don’t and
she cautions about settling for less than you want. She says there are
good men out there who are also looking for meaningful, committed
relationships so don’t use that as an excuse for settling for someone
less just because you think it might be your last chance and someone is
better than no one.

She also has some practical advice about meeting men,
dating, sex and even what to say to your children when you are ready. I
really appreciated that Ellison does not pretend to know the magic
words or the magic time frame but allows that each woman is different
and must do things in her own time without great consideration given to
all the unsolicited advice a single woman will hear from others.

I think this book may provide newly divorced women some
good advice about how to first prepare themselves and then how to get
back into the dating scene. Check it out.

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