Book Review: In the Meantime

In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want
by Iyanla Vanzant

read this book some time ago but today seemed like a good day to dust
it off and tell you all about it if you haven’t already read it. In it,
Iyanla Vanzant speaks about the universal desire to find our soul
mate—that one person who completes us and makes everything right in
our world. She uses the metaphor of cleaning one’s house to getting our
inner selves ready to receive our soul mate when they do appear in our
lives. Vanzant shares her own story of meeting her soul mate at summer
camp when she was just a teen. Even though their paths in life crossed
several times, it wasn’t the right time for them to be together until
recently—she was married, he was married and now they are finally
through their own personal “meantime” and married to each other.

is nothing wrong with going through the “meantime”. It is a necessary
transition to be ready to accept the love into your life that you
deserve. However, the meantime is not a time to sit around and bemoan
the fact that our soul mate isn’t showing up. It is a time of intense
personal scrutiny to discover what we must get right within ourselves
to be ready for our true love. Ms. Vanzant takes us through the steps
to prepare us for that time.

If you are
alone or involved in a “meantime” relationship, then this book is for
you. It will help you grow spiritually and show you how to gradually
become your best self. It offers hope that someday your “meantime”
while be over. Until then. . .enjoy the book!

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