Book Review: Choice Parenting

Choice Parenting
by Richard Primason, PhD

Primason writes a very compelling book for parents outlining concrete
examples of how parents can apply Choice Theory to their parenting
practices. His writing is very clear, with a common sense approach. He
doesn’t promise miracles, but he does offer a way for parents to get
what they really want.

In his book, he
asks parents to distinguish between what they want and what they REALLY
want. He supposes that parents want their children to listen to them
and to do what they are told. But even more than that, parents really
want to raise responsible, productive individuals who are capable of
taking care of themselves.

He contends
that parents who are using an external control method of parenting are
attending to what they want at the expense of what they really want.
External control may get compliance but it won’t help a child to
self-evaluate that their behavior may not be the best way.

applying Choice Theory with our children, we are staying connected with
them, understanding that their behavior is their best attempt to meet
their needs at that point in time. We do not criticize, correct or
coerce our children. What we do is join with them to figure out a
better way for them to get what they want and to stay within the
reasonable limits that the family expects.

Choice Parenting is a great book for parents who know there is a better way and who are
committed to working toward what they really want and helping their
children to develop into more responsible, productive individuals
capable of taking care of themselves.

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