Book Review: Change Your Life Not Your Wife

I found this book by Tony Ferretti and Peter Weiss to be equally great advice for both men and women in high powered relationships. Many relationships fall into this category of one person being over-invested in their job while the other is typically an at-home parent or homemaker, feeling alone in their marriage. This book specifically speaks to these couples.

What I find refreshing is that the book blames no one. Neither party is at fault and yet both have contributed to how the marriage has gotten to the place it has and so therefore, both are equally responsible for fixing the damage and neglect. The authors do a good job of not creating a villain and a victim but rather describe a pattern of behavior that can develop over time in a relationship such as this.

There is great wisdom in holding each person accountable for their part of the equation since the only person whose behavior one can control is their own. There are also examples of therapy sessions that could provide couples with some do-it-yourself exercises to try at home but if not successful, please seek professional help before giving up on your marriage.

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