Board Certified Coaching Program

If you are a licensed counselor and would like to get your Board Certified Coach credential, you will need a 30-hour program approved by the Center for Credentialing and Education. Academy of Choice may be just the program you are looking for!

At Academy of Choice we offer both distance learning that is completely done on your own time. There is no real time instruction to schedule. It is all completely at your own pace. However, we have a private Facebook community for you to talk with our coaches and other coaching students whenever you want.

Two other things that set our coaching program apart from others is that we teach a module on business building for coaches, providing you the basics for a successful coaching practice. If you would like a preview of this module, just go to Academy of Choice and sign up for our email list. You will get the free download 10 Tips to Build a Successful Coaching Practice and be eligible to sign up for our free teleconference to answer any questions you may have about our coaching programs. We also send out any notices to our list of upcoming programs and any specials we may be offering.

The second thing that sets the Academy of Choice apart from other programs is that we teach a model of coaching called, InsideOut Empowerment. This is a time-tested model based on William Glasser’s Reality Therapy and Choice Theory.

Right now we are offering an in-person 24-hour training the weekend of August 3rd at a $500 discount. We  begin Friday at 6 PM and end Sunday at 9 PM. Students are then asked to do 6 hours of independent study to total 30 hours. Students who successfully complete the program, have thirty hours of coaching experience, and obtain one professional reference are then eligible to sit for the Board Certified Coaching exam.

If you are interested, visit the Academy of Choice today!

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