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Parenting Tip

There are three ways we can approach our children. We can do things to them. We can do things for them and we can do things with them. Can you

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Parenting Conflict Quote: Wayne Dyer

“Conflict cannot survive without your participation.” — Wayne Dyer This is partly what I am proposing to parents. When you stop participating in the power struggle with your children, the

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Parenting: Your Child’s Appearance

Today I present a situation involving my friend, Denise, and her daughter, Veronica. Veronica is 11 years-old and wanted to have her hair highlighted like all her friends but Denise

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Parenting: Bedtime Problems

Rebecca: The first situation I want to talk about involves ten year-old Rebecca. Rebecca’s parents came to me frustrated over the fact they were unsuccessful enforcing Rebecca’s bedtime and she

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Relationship Q & A

Q: I made a terrible mistake and ended a relationship with someone with someone I truly love. I have told her how I feel and that I want her back.

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