30-hour Academy of Choice Coaching Program - Olver International
30-hour Academy of Choice Coaching Program - Olver International

Become a Coach

Coaching is a field that’s been rapidly expanding over the past two decades. Not only is it a profession, but also an important skill for people in leadership positions.

Coaching requires an understanding of human motivation. Much research has been done to determine what motivates people. While you can motivate someone with external rewards or consequences, people work better when they’re motivated internally. People become motivated when they see how their efforts contribute to the bigger picture. They want to do things that interest them and satisfy their needs: safety, security, connection, power, importance, respect, significance, freedom, choices, independence, fun, and learning.

People are not motivated by fear. Though they may be compliant to avoid upsetting the punisher, when they are left to their own devices, they will do what they are internally motivated to do. With coercion, the best you can hope for is compliance. There will be no quality, teamwork, inspiration, or creativity.

Not only does a coach help people set goals and determine what quality looks like, they also support the person along the path toward realizing those goals. In the workplace, coaching helps people tap into their internal motivation. Life Coaching helps people who seek self-growth and development reach their personal goals. Unlike counseling, coaching is often done by phone with individuals who are without mental health concerns; they are healthy people looking to make positive change in their lives. Rather than delving into the past to explain behaviors, coaching is very present oriented. They take clients from where they are into the future to who they want to be.

Hiring a coach is similar to how people hire personal fitness trainers. Coaches are hired for their knowledge. When their clients don’t know how to do something, coaches provide expertise in human motivation. When their clients lack confidence, coaches support and encourage. When clients are sabotaging themselves or waning in their enthusiasm, coaches challenge their clients to be their best.

Yes, people can accomplish their hopes and dreams without a professional coach, but they can do it much faster with one.

Ten Reasons to Become a Coach:

1. You want to get the best from your employees or students.
2. You want to help people accomplish their hopes and dreams.
3. Your passion is helping others.
4. You know how to align your client’s goals with their values and passions.
5. You are goal oriented and know how to help others accomplish theirs.
6. You want a flexible schedule.
7. You want to be your own boss and have your own business.
8. You want to work from your home and from anywhere you are in the world.
9. You have expertise and life experiences that will help others.
10. You see yourself as a lifelong learner.

Learning the skills of coaching will serve you throughout your life while you work with your clients, employees, students, and even your own children.

If you are interested in learning coaching skills, go to: https://www.academyofchoice.com. The Academy of Choice has both a 30 hour and 60 hour program available, as well as, a choice of an in-person training or distance learning.

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