Alone For Valentine’s Day

Will you be alone for Valentine’s Day this year? Here are some tips for making it a great day anyway

Now that the family holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas are over and we have turned our calendars to a new year, the next worldwide holiday approaching is Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day has become the number one romantic holiday in the world but what happens if you find yourself alone for this momentous occasion? How do you make it through?

Even if you are alone by choice in your life, spending Valentine’s Day alone can be a depressing experience if you allow it to be. I should know, it used to be the worst day on the calendar for me. When I was married, Valentine’s Day was just another day in the year for my husband. It really didn’t hold much significance for him. Occasionally, I might get a gift but it was always a gift with practicality, such as pot and pans or the one time he bought me flowers but they were in a pot so I could plant them outside in the Spring.

Then after he died, Valentine’s Day was still the worst day of my year because I had no one to share it with. When I did have someone, it was a disappointment. When I didn’t have someone it was depressing. Notice a pattern here? I was never happy on Valentine’s Day.

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