100 Days Left

Did you know that September 20th marks the day where there are 100 days left in 2012? How are you doing with the goals you set this year? Research shows we often overestimate what we can accomplish in one year but greatly underestimate what we can accomplish in five years! If that’s true, then you may not have accomplished all your goals. Don’t despair. You still have a good 100 days left.

What can you realistically accomplish in the next 100 days? I once took a 90-day game challenge with Sorano Kelley and was amazed at how much I actually accomplished. What did it require? Serious goals, an unwavering focus on what I had to accomplish each day and daily commitment to putting in the work to make it happen. Having an accountability partner who was also working on her goals helped. Knowing I had to email or call her daily with my progress or lack thereof, kept me on the path. What can you accomplish with your last 100 days of 2012? Make it something spectacular!

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