The Power of the Mastermind

One thing I love to be a part of is a fully functioning mastermind group. I participated in two mastermind groups today and both were outstanding.

As executive director of The William Glasser Institute, I have the vision of getting more people involved in its revitalization. I host a mastermind group each month and invite all members to participate. The call is titled, "Inquiries, Ideas and Involvement. My goal is to answer any questions people may have, hear ideas for growth and getting people involved in improvements and implementing the ideas they have. Each month more and more people attend.

The second call is entitle, InsideOut Empowerment Mastermind. I invite anyone on my mailing list who wants to be implementing choice theory and the concepts of InsideOut Empowerment. My goal is to provide a free place where those interested in the concepts can get help with their implementation. We plan to have no more than six people on a call so each person can get individual attention. When there are more than six people, then a second group will be formed. Some groups have opted to continue meeting on their own. Other member have opted for weely group coaching instead of the monthly mastermind.

The synergy of the mastermind is awesome. The group can create so much more than the individuals alone. In order for masterminds to be successful, then they must be supportive, cooperative and challenging.

To become part of our mastermind group, just go to and sign up. The power of the mastermind will help you accomplish more than you can alone and they will hold you accountable for what you commit to doing.

Why wouldn't you try it? It's free. It's only one hour a month. Other like-minded people will contribute to your success. I will record your commited action for next time and check in with you about whether or not you did as promised last month. When you're ready for success, come and join us.

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