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mental freedom

I often look at the many observances in a month for ideas of what to blog about. For the first time, I noticed two in March that grabbed my attention: […]

What to Consider when Hiring a Counselor


April is Counseling Awareness Month, and while I’m pretty sure that most of you are aware of counseling, do you know how to be a good consumer of counseling services? […]

Assessing Your Mental Health

For far too long, mental health has been used as a euphemism for mental illness. I have many issues with this, but the one I’m writing about today is this: […]

PTSD: Reducing the Stigma


Those of you who follow my work know that I often stand on a soapbox regarding post-traumatic stress. You may have heard me make the case for not calling it […]

Mental Health Today

As someone with almost 40 years of experience in the field of mental health, I continue to watch disturbing trends. As long as the medical model of mental illness is […]

G.L.O.W.:Transforming Post Traumatic Stress


G.L.O.W. stands for gifts, lessons, opportunities and wisdom. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day is celebrated on June 27th.  However, I don’t include the word ‘disorder’ when I talk […]

Rebuild Your Life Month


June is designated Rebuild Your Life Month. Have you ever had your life in such a state you felt the need to rebuild it? I rebuilt my life after marriage, […]

Trauma Awareness and Coronavirus


Since May is Trauma Awareness Month, it only seems right to examine the trauma essential workers are experiencing as they navigate their jobs during this coronavirus outbreak. As states are […]