Stress & Health


Did you know, if you don’t like the emotions you are experiencing or your current state of health, you can indirectly affect change by changing your actions and thoughts? I […]

The Relationship Center

The Relationship Center is changing its look and combining some other websites to serve it’s customers better. It will not be a one-stop shop for anything related to relationships–relationships at home, relationships at work, and even one’s relationship with self. Come check us out!

Self-Growth Quote

“We have to hear our real desires, have the courage to stand up for ourselves, and believe that our own voices are the most important ones we will hear. It […]

Happiness Coaching

This post is devoted to self-growth or your relationship with yourself. I am struck by how many people will say they would like to be happier than they are, but […]

Become “The Watcher”

Whenever you find yourself experiencing a strong emotion—either positive or negative—make an attempt to become “The Watcher.” See if you can imagine yourself watching you experiencing the emotion instead of […]