Bullying: How to Eliminate it from the Inside Out


October is touted as National Bullying Prevention Month, but what are your plans to stop bullying? As a counselor educator, I’m constantly telling new therapists that making plans to simply […]

Obliterate Stress during the Pandemic


Well, what do you know—it is Stress Awareness Month in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. What could be more stressful than a crisis with no end in sight? Of […]

Post Traumatic Stress

Post traumatic stress

Did you know June is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) month? When Choice Theory and Dr. Glassser’s views on mental health, I often use PTS as an example. No, that […]

Balance Changes Everything

In the periodic table, unbalanced elements do not exist. The make-up of our universe requires a perfect balance of protons and electrons. In chemistry class, I learned how this Law […]