Book Review: Power vs. Force

Power versus Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior
by David Hawkins

This is an excellent book that speaks of the difference
between power and force. Power is quiet and requires no explanation.
Force is coercive and creates an automatic counterforce.

This has great applicability for couples, parents and
bosses. Standing on the side of truth, justice and all that sustains
life is power. This is strength of its own merit. Force represents all
that is negative and life destructive.

Whenever you attempt to make someone do something that
they don’t want to do, you are applying force. We do this through any
number of behaviors such as manipulating, blaming, guilting, bribing,
complaining, criticizing and coercing. This always creates a
counterforce. Whenever you attempt to coerce someone else, you create a
measure of resistance. This resistance may not show itself in your
presence but it will manifest in the world in some way.

People will undermine your authority, talk behind your
back, rally other’s support or confront you to your face. You cannot
win with force. If you think you have, know that it is only temporary.
What goes around comes around. Read the book. Its message is powerful!

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