Choice Coaching

Choice Coaching is a method of coaching based on Dr. William Glasser’s Reality Therapy® and Choice Theory® psychology. It is built on the fundamental idea that people are able to […]

California Institution for Women

I just got done teaching/observing a three-day Choice Theory training with 15 inmates and one community member at the California Institute for Women. This was an incredible experience on many levels.

What is Depression?

As the Executive Director of the William Glasser Institute-US, I just want to clarify Glasser’s position on depression. Those who believe Choice Theory believe that all behavior is our best attempt to get something we want. We are not always consciously aware of what we are trying to get by using certain behavior. Depressing is a behavior that while incredibly painful and debilitating, also can have benefits.

Headaches and Depression: Are they linked?

A new study came out documenting a correlation between headaches and depression. The logical question now is do headaches cause depression or does depression cause headaches? As long as we ask that cause and effect question, we will miss the third causative agent of both–unhappy relationships.