Healthy Relationships: Knowing When to Stay

healthy relationship

A Healthy Relationship …what does that look like? As a relationship counselor, one of the biggest problems I see is that people in relationships are under the mistaken impression that […]

Finding Balance in Relationships

One of man’s biggest internal struggles is the conflicting needs of independence and connection. They seem to be mutually exclusive. How can you have independence and be connected at the […]

Relationship Problems: It’s Not Personal

It doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m working with someone involved in a relationship or someone who has just left one. When people come to me for help with their […]

Relationship Advice: The Platinum Rule

One of the things that keeps coming up with the couples I talk to is the natural tendency to want to give what we would most like to get instead of what the other person would want in that situation. I’m not talking about material gifts here; I’m talking about the responses we give to each other. We tend to imagine ourselves in the same situation and provide the solution or response we, ourselves, would want in that situation.