Relationship Tip

I am often asked when to end or leave a relationship. That is certainly an individual decision but I have questions you can use to self-evaluate your relationship and your readiness or lack thereof to end it.

Many times people stay in relationships
out of habit or hope. Habit because it’s been what the person has done
consistently over time and the thought of making a change can be
overwhelming. Hope because we hope that someday our significant other
will transform into the person we want him or her to be.

am not advocating for ending or maintaining relationships. There are
good reasons to stay in them and good reasons to end them. I just want
people to be clear about their motivation for making the decision they
make. If you stay out of habit, ask yourself it you are willing to
continue as you are indefinitely? If you are staying hoping for things
to change, ask yourself how long are you willing to wait?

you are willing to wait indefinitely and to continue your current
relationship habit, then that’s what you’ll do. However, if you want to
take decisive action to make a change, then the pain of staying has to
be greater than the fear of leaving. Honestly evaluating your
relationship will help you make the best decision for you.

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