Our Clients

Business Clients

We serve a diverse group of clients from schools, colleges, universities, family & youth facilities, rehabilitation facilites, health care, state & county departments, government agencies, sports organizations, international organizations, small business, corporate and all types of helping organizations.

Albemarle County Public Schools
Chicago Heights Police Department
Canterbury School District
Ceda -Logo
Chicago Public Schools
Cove Forge Behavioral Health
Children’s Choice
Aspen Elementary School
State of illinois-logo
Coutts Information Services -png logo
Derby Public Schools -logo
Diversity World
Diamond Jenness School
Fairmont State University
Families United Network
Hartland Lakeside Elementary Schools
Governors State University
Firetree, Ltd 1
Fellowship Health Resources 1
Family Care for Children & Youth-Png logo
Honolulu-Pacific Executive Board -Png logo
Horizon House-png logo
ICF International-pnj logo
IL Action for Children -png logo
William Glasser- logo
Kalamazoo Public Schools-png logo
Lincoln Center for Family Youth-png logo
Lockport City School District-png logo
MHN Government Services -Png logo
Mission Nation Publishing 1logo
Missouri Counseling Association-png logo
Mackay Whitsunday Regional Office-logo
National Basketball Association -logo
National Forestry Service-png logo
National Safety Council 1-logo
Parkland Community College 1-logo
Olympia Fields Park District 1-logo
Prairie State College 1-logo
Praise Academy -logo
Pressley Ridge-logo
Professional Women’s Network 1-logo
Remax 1-logo
Rend Lake College 1-logo
Robbins Police Department -logo
Roberto Clemente Charter School-Logo
Southland International Trucking -logo
St. patrick school-logo
River Valley Behavioral Health-logo
Sturgis School District 1 -logo
Star Net 1-logo
Tradition since 1958
Summit Police Department -logo
Taylor Made Industries
The Healy Group 1
Therapy in the Park 1
University of Phoenix-logo
Walgreens Diversity department 1
University of Pittsburgh-Logo
University of Iowa
University of Alabama Birmingham 1
WGI-Singapore-png logo
William Glasser International
Winsert logo
WW Schools- logo