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Welcome to Olver International

Olver International serves an ever expanding network of counselors, coaches and clients investing in their personal and professional development. Here you will find a variety of resources to help you realize the full potential of your relationships with yourselves and others.  Feel free to reach out to us and enjoy our rich catalog of resources:

  • Coaching & Counseling  – For individuals who need personal coaching or counselling, Multiple approaches including Glasser’s Choice Theory and Reality Therapy as well as new evidence-based Mental Freedom.

  • Mental Freedom Certification – Are you ready to become the helper you have always wanted to be.You can keep doing what you’ve always done and get the same results or you can invest in learning the Mental Freedom Technique and change your life and the lives of your clients forever.

  • Coaching Certification – For coaches and counselors who need training, supervision and certification. 

  • Facilitation & Workshops – Improve Individual and team performance with our on demand courses or reach out for a customized program. Our pool of experts are available for your next speaking and/or training engagement from Diversity, Inclusion to Belonging and Beyond.
  • Publishing & Author Services -Experienced in writing and publishing Books and hosting and producing Podcasts content we are always looking for collaboration partners

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What is Mental Freedom®?

Kim has developed her proprietary process called, Mental Freedom ®, to help clients transform any painful emotions they are experiencing into something neutral or even positive. This is not a process that takes a long time; rather it is taught in six sessions and can be applied to any painful situation in a person’s life.

By learning and following the Mental Freedom formula, so many people are already living a Mentally-Free Life. They’ve had transformations in their romantic relationships, with their children, with their parents, at work and more.

Mental Freedom® is the solution for:

What is Choice Coaching?

Our coaching process is about helping people to stop creating their own misery, while helping them take responsibility for their own happiness and success by putting their time and energy into the things they control, rather than the things they don’t. This means leading people away from blame, anger, and resentment and into introspection, acceptance and proactivity. Our process demolishes the victim mentality and empowers  clients to reach their goals, while creating the meaningful relationships in their lives that will support and encourage them along the way.

Choice Coaches

About Kim Olver

Kim founded her company, Olver International, in 2004 and it has grown to include coaching services, a board-certified coaching school, coach supervision, an independent publishing company, and a speaker’s bureau. Kim has developed her proprietary process called, Mental Freedom ®, to help clients transform any painful emotions they are experiencing into something neutral or even positive. This is not a process that takes a long time; rather it is taught in six sessions and can be applied to any painful situation in a person’s life.

In addition, Kim is an award-winning author of Secrets of Happy Couples and Choosing Me Now. She co-authored Leveraging Diversity at Work with Sylvester Baugh and wrote a chapter in the book, Contemporary Issues in Couples Counseling. Kim writes a bi-monthly mental health column for the River Reporter and has also contributed to HuffingtonPost.com, PsychCentral.com, YourTango.com, HerCampus.com, Whole Living, Women’s World, Fitness Magazine, Law of Attraction Magazine, Conscious Life Journal, Counseling Today and more. Kim is also a thought leader on the revolutionary app, DearLiv.

Kim has a wide range of experience, working in the fields of community mental health, corrections, child welfare, addiction, the military, couples, parenting, and self-discovery. She’s been writing a blog for over 15 years and is now in her fourth season of podcasting her show, Life = Choices; Choices = Life.


Published by InsideOut Press
Victory in the Wait

By Sylvester Baugh

Victory in the Wait describes how important it is to know how to wait and the impact of not waiting correctly. When we wait, we are communicating with God. We are not always waiting to receive from God, sometimes He has us in a season of wait until our will breaks. Effective waiting symbolizes submission, knowing that God is in control. He may have us waiting to develop our Fruit of the Spirit and to revive us. There are times when we might not feel like praying yet, we are needing or desiring something from God.

From within book cover image

By Gigi Kilroe

“From Within is a riveting biographical work of one woman’s journey as a sexual abuse survivor, who transitioned from the physical and emotional pain and betrayal to a newly found passion to help others going through similar circumstances.”

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Olver International will never use a hard sell with you. 

You don’t have to worry if you get on a call with Kim or attend a masterclass that at the end, someone will never try to talk you into spending money you don’t want to or aren’t ready to spend. We will not bully or guilt you into a purchase. Kim hates when people do that to her. She pledges that anyone who works for Olver International has been trained to provide you with information about our products.

We will ask questions to determine if it might be the right fit for you. If it is, great! If it isn’t, we will refer you to someone else who is, point you in the direction of one of our free products or simply part ways as friends. Olver International will never use hard sell tactics and if anyone does, we hope you hang up on them immediately, seriously.

This is our pledge. You are 100% safe to talk with us.