Procrastination: The Truth in 4 Minutes


Is procrastination as bad as you think it is? Does it help you or cause you problems? That depends. Sometimes procrastination can help: Do you find yourself procrastinating often? Do […]

Self-Sabotage & You


I have been a coach for a group of high-significance people who are writing books, and almost each person experienced self-sabotage at some point along the way. The self-sabotage comes […]

You Are NOT a Victim

InsideOut Empowerment Principle #10: You are not a victim of anything—not your emotions, your past, other people, circumstances, or your character. Once you learn and practice these principles of InsideOut Empowerment®, you will have the power to take a different path at any moment you choose. You have it now but you will learn to harness its use. In our society especially, there is a lot of benefit in being the victim. We have created a culture where people are no longer responsible for their own actions. Do bad things happen to good people? Of course they do but people are responsible for how they respond to those things.

Don’t Let Self-Sabotage Stop You

InsideOut Empowerment Principle #9: People are frequently sabotaging themselves with thinking that is outside of their conscious awareness that was likely installed at a very young age, before they were able to discriminate between truth and lies. I have been a coach for a group of high significance people who are writing books. In almost every case without exception, these people experienced self-sabotage at some point along the way. Where does it come from? It comes from the stories we tell ourselves that are based on messages that were given to us from others before we were old enough to tell the truth from lies. Mostly these early messages came from people we trusted, like our parents, teachers, relatives, and members of our spiritual community.

How to Improve Your Physical and Emotional Health

InsideOut Empowerment Principle #6: Much of our health, both physical and emotional, is strongly affected by our actions and our thoughts, both of which we have the power to change. If you don’t like the emotions you are experiencing or your current state of health, you can indirectly affect change by changing your actions and/or your thinking.

How to Stop Yelling at Our Children

Are you a parent who frequently resorts to a raised voice to get your children’s attention? Do you believe they won’t hear you if you don’t yell? Are you thinking the only way to get them to listen is to yell? Do you think yelling is the best way to get compliance? What other effects to do you think yelling is having on your children? Would you like to consider some alternatives? I was recently asked the following three questions, and thought I’d post them to my blog for you to see:

Book Review: Little Voice Mastery

Little Voice Mastery by Blair Singer is a book about overcoming self-sabotage. While I think his book is a good beginning primer on self-sabotage, I prefer Gay Hendrick’s book, The Big Leap. In the first half of Singer’s book, he does a good job of explaining self-sabotage, where it comes from and the four reasons people fail. I thought the techniques he wrote about to overcome self-sabotage were good but somewhat elementary.This would be a good book for someone who is first learning about self-sabotage and beginning their journey toward freedom and little voice mastery.

5 Steps to Loving Yourself Again

I’m sure you are all familiar with the concept of loving yourself first; if you don’t love yourself, how can you love someone else? You can’t give away what you don’t have. We all have love inside us. We all came from the Source, that Divine Spirit of Love. Love is who we are at the core. We really don’t need to learn to love ourselves; we simply must remember that we already do.

Your Relationship with Self

The most important relationships you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. This determines your self-esteem, your passions, your ability to go after what you want and your ability to connect with other people.