Take a Chance Day… or Not

“Take a Chance Day” was on April 20, and it inspired me to consider risk within a Choice Theory basic needs framework. I call Glasser’s five basic needs the need […]

Truth Seekers

mental freedom

I often look at the many observances in a month for ideas of what to blog about. For the first time, I noticed two in March that grabbed my attention: […]

The Head, Heart and Hands of Mental Freedom

In our many decades of working with people in the business world, clients of social services, and regular everyday people, one thing seems to be universally true: Everybody is dealing […]

It’s Not Personal


For February, the Month of Love, I’d like to discuss a big part of my work: helping couples improve their relationships. Every relationship can be improved, of course; none are […]

Fact or Fiction: Chapman’s 5 Love Languages


Recently, I read an article by Richard Sima in The Washington Post (Love language advice for couples isn’t backed by science, new research shows) and I felt inspired to present […]

Lessons Learned from 2023

2023 was an excellent year, and I learned a lot. Some lessons were painful, others were joyful, but each added something to my life. Instead of feeling jealous of someone, […]

13 Options other than suicide


When you are in pain, it is impossible to think of anything else and it feels like there will never be any relief. This is not true. Pain does not […]

Be Kind to Humankind

Did you know that Aug. 25-31 has been designated “Be Kind to Humankind Week”? I find that both wonderful and sad at the same time—wonderful because it is great to […]

Simplify Your Life

This year, Aug. 13-17, is National Simply Your Life week. According to the website, nationaltoday.com, “National Simplify Your Life Week” is observed yearly during the first week of August. Though […]

Social Wellness Month

July was declared Social Wellness Month designed by mental health professionals to underscore the importance of strengthening relationships and to empower people to prioritize their own mental health. There is […]