Book Review:15-Minute Marriage Makeover

15-Minute Marriage Makeover – by Dustin Riechmann

This is a short, 100-page book on how to prioritize your marriage 15 minutes a day in a way that brings huge rewards. It’s perfect for couples in the Maintenance Stage of the Relationship Cycle. After a couple makes a lifetime commitment to each other, they slowly fall into a pattern of living their separate lives and forgot to reconnect with each other in meaningful ways. Even sex can become routine and no longer feel as satisfying as it once was.

Kirstie Alley Dating “Ugly” Men Now

Some of you may have heard Kirstie Alley on Ellen talking about how she is going to start dating “ugly men” this year. She said she always went for the players and attractive guys but has had two divorces so this year she is going to date ugly men. Kirstie is making a common relationship mistake. When relationships don’t work out over and over again, we tend to look at the people we are choosing to find the commonality to determine, “What’s wrong with them?” It is much more painful, albiet productive, to take a look in the mirror and ask the question, “Why do I keep repeating this same pattern in my relationships?” It’s rarely about the other person, and almost always about ourselves.