Choice Coaching

Choice Coaching is a method of coaching based on Dr. William Glasser’s Reality Therapy® and Choice Theory® psychology. It is built on the fundamental idea that people are able to […]

Choice Theory Helps Every Time

Kim Olver

Choice Theory has helped me to create an amazing life. I am so grateful to have learned Choice Theory® psychology when I was just 27. The only thing that would […]

Reality Therapy – is it Still Relevant? You Decide

Post traumatic stress

In 1965, Dr. William Glasser developed a counseling method called Reality Therapy. Beyond being an effective counseling technique, Reality Therapy is a problem-solving method. Not only does it work well […]

Ten Ways Misery Can Help

As a helping professional, have you ever encountered clients who seem to revel in their misery? It’s not that they are having any fun—misery is miserable, after all. But if […]

Choice Theory

As one of my readers, you’ve likely encountered the phrase Choice Theory, but it’s possible you’ve missed out on the details. Choice Theory is an explanation of all human behavior […]

Board Certified Coaching Program

If you are a licensed counselor and would like to get your Board Certified Coach credential, you will need a 30-hour program approved by the Center for Credentialing and Education. Academy of Choice may be just the program you are looking for!

Headaches and Depression: Are they linked?

A new study came out documenting a correlation between headaches and depression. The logical question now is do headaches cause depression or does depression cause headaches? As long as we ask that cause and effect question, we will miss the third causative agent of both–unhappy relationships.

Realty Therapy Workshops

I do not talk a lot about Reality Therapy and Choice Theory in my material but everything I write and many of my workshop topics are based on the revolutionary […]