Global Day of Parents

The first of June was declared the Global Day of Parents by the United Nations. In my experience, there is no greater love than the love parents have for their […]

Children-Runaway Prevention


November is National Runaway Prevention Month. No one wants to hear of children running away from home and it’s an incredibly complex issue. Some teens run because they are being […]

Family is Foundational


What does the word ‘family’ mean to you? For some people, the word conjures up feelings of comfort, protection and love. For others, it may conjure up feelings of lacking, […]

Self-Sabotage & You


I have been a coach for a group of high-significance people who are writing books, and almost each person experienced self-sabotage at some point along the way. The self-sabotage comes […]

Parenting Q & A

Q: My son has quite a penchant for telling stories. His vocabulary is amazing, not just for his age but for any adult! This is not just motherly pride talking, […]

Book Review: Choice Parenting

Choice Parenting by Richard Primason, PhD Dr. Primason writes a very compelling book for parents outlining concrete examples of how parents can apply Choice Theory to their parenting practices. His […]

Parenting Tip

There are three ways we can approach our children. We can do things to them. We can do things for them and we can do things with them. Can you […]