Tip for Inner Peace

Everyone is looking for happiness but that may be illusory. Happiness seems external. Happiness seems transitory. If we truly believe that for every negative event, there is a positive one, […]

Seven Keys of Happiness #5

by Kim Olver The first four Keys of Happiness are: self-worth, gratitude, positive life framing, and internal locus of control. The fifth Key is: 5. Lifelong Learning The fifth key […]

Seven Keys to Happiness #2

by Kim Olver The first Key to Happiness is self-worth. The second key is gratitude. 2. Gratitude It is human nature to enumerate the things that are NOT the way […]

Alone, Who are You?

Relationships generally begin when both people are in the “Alone Stage,” although I am aware that often affairs begin when one or both partners are involved with someone else. It […]

Become “The Watcher”

Whenever you find yourself experiencing a strong emotion—either positive or negative—make an attempt to become “The Watcher.” See if you can imagine yourself watching you experiencing the emotion instead of […]